Raw Milk supplier tortured and interrogated !

LA County and Ventura county are engaged in what can only be called a vindictive campaign of hate crimes against raw milk farmers James Stewart and Sharon Palmer. 

As of late last night, James is free from jail, having spent eight days in what he described to me over the phone as being "tortured and interrogated" by county officials, then shackled for nine hours, unable to move, followed by days in an isolated cell with raw sewage running across the floor, deprived of food and sleep, driven nearly to the point of insanity.

He was subjected to hypothermia and deadly raw sewage pathogens, then required to clean the raw sewage out of his own jail cell using a hand-held squeegee tool. I spoke with James Stewart on the phone today and recorded a 30-minute interview describing the shocking details of this outrageous, inhumane treatment by LA County. That shocking interview will be posted later today on NaturalNews.

California is now a rogue state engaged in torture of innocents -- comparable only to North Korea. The worst part? The entire arrest was public theater and grandstanding by the DA's office, which had no legal basis to arrest James in the first place! Their charges involve a financial matter from 2008 which doesn't even involve James. He was arrested merely for knowing Sharon Palmer, who was also arrested. Read the latest update here:


Sharon Palmer, by the way, is still being incarcerated and is devastated by these hate crime tactics being used by Ventura County. She desperately needs to raise a few thousand more dollars to make bail on Monday morning and return to her farm and children. See the appeal at:

Support for Sharon Palmer can also be offered via this email address:

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